Yes! I have insurance for public liability, professional indemnity and all my professional camera equipment. Please get in touch if your venue requires proof of PLI. 

Yes! I received my Higher National Diploma in Photography, after two hard years of work, with an A grade from North East Scotland College in 2019. Whilst at NESCOL I also won the annual Aberdeen Harbour Board photography competition. My image of the breakwater at Torry Battery is featured on the front cover of the 2018/19 Annual Review.

What areas do you cover?

What areas do you cover?

I have base in Aberdeen and Kyle of Loch Alsh so can cover a large area in the North of Scotland.

All weddings within 70 miles of the AB25 or IV40 postcodes incur no additional travel costs. However, I do love to travel so if you are planning a wedding or elopement a little further afield, please get in touch for a bespoke quote!

For all other photography packages, I cover everywhere within 35 miles of the AB25 and IV40 postcodes.

I use two professional Canon camera bodies as well as a range of Canon L Series lenses, Sigma Art lenses, Canon speedlight flash guns and light modifiers. The range of lenses I have covers a variety of photographic situations and allows for back-ups should one of them decide not to work!

I also carry plenty of SD and compact flash cards with me. Whilst I shoot, the photographs taken are automatically backed up in at least one other place than the SD card. When I get back to my office, these images are backed up again both physically and in the cloud.

Thankfully I’ve not had to deal with equipment failure yet and do all I can to prevent such issues by investing in high quality equipment and looking after my cameras and lenses like they are my babies!

We're not massive fans of getting our photo taken

We're not massive fans of getting our photo taken

Don't worry, you are not alone! Everyone gets camera shy (it took me weeks to get the confidence to take photos of myself for the website you are currently on!). 

If you are having a portrait session with me, I'll send out some guidance beforehand on what to wear to your session. Wearing clothes that you are comfortable in and make you feel confident can make all in the difference when getting your photograph taken. Where possible, we'll also choose a location and time that's quiet so it's just you, me and the camera (and not too many onlookers).

I like to make my sessions as fun and relaxed as possible. I shy away from awkward, traditional posing and will often ask you to do an 'action' than stay still in a pose. I keep direction minimal and simple to not over complicate things so you can just concentrate on enjoying the session and being yourself. This allows me to produce more authentic images that show off  your personality and your relationship as a family or couple (if applicable). 

I also include a complimentary engagement/pre-wedding session for all couples that book full or half day wedding packages with me. Think of this as your wedding photo dress-rehearsal! This allows me to get to know you both a bit better before the big day. It also gives you the opportunity to build confidence in front of the camera and to learn how I work so come your wedding day, you're practically models! 

*Jumps around in excitement!* I'm delighted you like my work and are looking to book me! First step is to get in touch. You can do this by filling out the contact form here or by emailing me at Please give as much information about your wedding / event / photography needs as you can. 

The next step will depend on the type of photography investment you are looking to book.

For weddings, I'd love to meet up with you in person over coffee or via Facetime/Zoom (coffee optional) to talk about the plans you've made so far and what you are looking for in terms of photography on your big day. Choosing a photographer that gels with you and understands your needs is so important so I highly recommend meeting with any potential photographer before booking. If you are really keen to secure your date first and don't want to wait, I'm happy to meet up at a later time to discuss your plans. You can secure your date with a 20% non-refundable retainer and by signing a wedding photography contact. This can all be done online via your own personal client portal which I will email you a link to. 

For all portrait sessions (engagements / couples / families / headshots), a £50 non-refundable retainer is required to book your session. This is deducted from the total fee of the photography investment you choose, with the balance due on the day of your session. 

For events, you can secure your event date by paying a 20% non-refundable retainer and by signing an event photography contract. Both can be done online via your client portal which I will email you a link to.

For other photography investments (including commercial & property) the retainer amount will vary depending on the photography service required and will be discussed before booking. A contract might also be required. 

How many photographs will we receive?

How many photographs will we receive?

This will depend on the photography investment you’ve chosen.

For weddings this ranges from around 150 photographs for the small & intimate investment to over 450 photographs for the full day investment.

For couple/engagement and family sessions you’ll be able to choose 10 photographs to receive high-resolution digital files of from a gallery of at least 40 photographs. (Additional digital files can be purchased from the online gallery).

For headshot/personal branding sessions you’ll be able to choose 5 photographs to receive high-resolution digital files of from a gallery of at least 20 images. (Additional digital files can be purchased from the online gallery).

For event coverage, the number of photographs you receive will depend on the type and length of the event. For the majority of events I photograph, I deliver at least 150 photographs.

For other, more bespoke photography investments the number of photographs you need/will receive will be discussed when booking.

For weddings, you will receive a link and password to your online gallery between 3-5 weeks after your wedding day (this can be sooner during winter months). From your gallery you can download all high resolution edited images and purchase prints, wall art, albums and more. You’ll also receive an online preview gallery of around 20 images within 36 hours of your wedding so you can share some photographs on social media!

For all portrait sessions (couples / engagement / headshots), you will receive a link and password to your online gallery to view and choose your photographs within 2-3 weeks of your session. You'll be able to download a specified amount of high resolution image files directly from the gallery for free (amount depends on package purchased, additional image files can be bought from the gallery store). 

For event coverage, I aim to turn around photos within 1 week of the event date. You, the event organisers, will receive a link and password to an online gallery where you will be able to download all web-resolution digital files. You can also share this gallery with your guests where they will be able to download individual web-resolution files for free, purchase small prints and purchase high-resolution files.

Can we print the photographs we receive digitally?

Can we print the photographs we receive digitally?

Yes! Photographs were not made to live and hide away on hard drives! You may print any high-resolution files that you receive for personal use only (unless written permission from myself has been given for printing for other purposes). I do not recommend the printing of web-resolution files. Details of my copyright policy can be found here

For convenience, you can purchase prints, wall art, greeting cards and albums directly from your client gallery that you'll receive shortly after your session or wedding/event date. 

Absolutely! Once you have received your password protected online gallery you can easily share individual images or the whole gallery with friends and family via social media or email.  You can also choose to make some images private within your gallery should you not wish to share them with your guests.

Gallery guests (friends and family) can also download web resolution image files for free and make purchases from the gallery store.

How do you edit our photographs / can you 'photoshop' our photographs?

How do you edit our photographs / can you 'photoshop' our photographs?

I edit all my images using Adobe Lightroom. I make basic adjustments (exposure, contrast, clarity), apply my signature editing style, de-noise, sharpen and occasionally crop images. I will also occasionally convert images to black & white for a more aesthetically pleasing result.

In some instances I also use Adobe Photoshop, e.g. for bridal portraits and headshots, to do some minimal skin and hair retouching (where I see necessary) and to create creative composite images. The majority of my work is photographed in a more 'documentary' style and hence I like to keep editing to a minimum so the images provide a true-to-life story. 

Additional requested 'photoshop-ing' and retouching, above and beyond what I see necessary, is subject to additional fees due to the complex and time consuming nature of these editing techniques.

Although the majority of photographs I'll take on your wedding day will be more of a 'documentary' style, I can and will take posed bridal party/family/group photographs too if requested. About 1 month before your big day I'll send out a short questionnaire where you'll be able to let me know which group photographs you want. This helps me plan ahead and capture the photographs you want as quickly as possible so you and your guests can get on and enjoy the day! I'll prioritise these photographs you want as a couple before photographing any guest requests on the day.

I usually take such photographs right after the ceremony whilst everyone is still in the same place and can be found. I start with the largest group photographs first and/or those with very young or old family members or guests in them. The time these photographs will take will depend on the number of photographs requested and the size of the groups. I try to keep the time taken to around 15 mins max. if possible. 

What if it rains!?

What if it rains!?

As beautiful as Scotland is, the weather can be quite unpredictable and sometimes it does rain (or hail, or sleet!). Please don't worry about this too much though as I always have a rain plan in place if this does happen! 

Weddings: Before your wedding day I'll make a visit to your ceremony and reception venue(s) if I haven't shot there recently to scout out indoor and undercover locations to take your photographs if it does rain. I also keep a close eye on the weather forecast in the run up to your wedding day to see what sort of conditions we might have. Often there is only showers or drizzle and we can  pop out for a dry 5/10 mins to get some photographs. If you're happy to, we can venture outside with an umbrella or two if it's not too heavy and blustery! Umbrella's give a whole host of creative possibilities!

Portrait sessions: If you have booked an outdoor portrait session with me I'll always arrange two suitable dates with you in case the weather is awful on your first arranged session date. If we are really unlucky and the weather is awful on the second arranged date, any further rearrangements due to inclement weather are completely free of charge and I'll work with you to find a date and time that works for us both. If it does look like the weather will be bad for the whole afternoon or morning of your shoot I will endeavour to give you 24hrs notice that the session will need to be postponed. 

Not at all! I will always endeavour to visit your wedding ceremony and reception venue(s) with my camera in the weeks or days before your wedding day if I haven't shot at that wedding venue recently or at the same time of year before. I also try and visit at the same time of day as when you'll be having your couple and group photos taken so I can get a good idea of what the natural light will be like. This gives me a chance to scout out locations for your couple photos and to get an idea of what the ceremony and reception spaces are like. I also use the opportunity to introduce myself to the minister, priest and/or wedding coordinator so I can easily coordinate with them on your wedding day if necessary. 

If for whatever reason I can't visit your venue(s) in advance, I'll arrive much earlier on the day of your wedding to take a quick look around. I will also look up existing photographs of the venue online to get an idea of what to expect. Although, my time as a nightlife photographer has prepared me well for the unknown and difficult lighting situations should I need to think on my feet! 

Do we need to provide you a meal during our wedding day?

Do we need to provide you a meal during our wedding day?

If I'm covering your wedding ceremony and/or bridal prep all the way through to the dancing part of the evening, a main meal would be very much appreciated! I always bring snacks with me but being on your feet for 8+ hours can be tiring and photographers need fuel to run too! It would be preferable if the meal can be served at the same time as the rest of your guests as I don't take photographs during this part of the evening (no one wants a photograph of them eating)! If served earlier or later I could be missing out photographing special moments during you wedding day.

You do not need to provide me with a meal if your coverage ends at the pre-dinner speeches or if you have only booked me to cover your evening reception. 

I'm more than happy to photograph you wedding on my own (along with my fab lighting assistant), however if you are planning a large wedding (100+ guests) or you just want lots and lots of candid photographs then you can add-on a second photographer to your chosen investment from £175. I carefully handpick second shooters with previous wedding experience and similar shooting style to me.